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Take a Kid Fishing

By Sid Boshammer

Most locals recognise Sid as a keen local angler and former fishing tour guide.  In fact if you ‘google’ the name Sid Boshammer, you will find that he is recognised worldwide as one of Australia’s premier fly fishing guides.

These days Sid is giving back to his favourite pastime by being involved as an instructor with the local ‘Take A Kid Fishing’ clinics.  Sid has fished alongside and learnt enormously from many of Australia’s Top Angling Journalists and is excited that he is now able to pass on that knowledge to many of the local kids through the Angler Education clinics and ‘Take A Kid Fishing’ days.

Any youngster that learns to fish should never become bored when growing up in  ‘The Bay’ so be sure to keep a look out for the next ‘Take A Kid Fishing’ day and take advantage of a great opportunity to learn from a local says Sid

He believes that Hervey Bay is a boating/fishing paradise that is one of the main lifestyle attractions drawing people to live in the region.

Sid’s dedication and support for this popular past time is similar to that which he offers his clients in real estate, to be assured that upon engaging Sid as your agent you will receive nothing short of the best in service and loyalty.