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My Promise

The Sid Boshammer Hervey Bay Real Estate
Industry-Leading 100% Rock Solid Promise

To demonstrate my commitment to helping you sell your Hervey Bay home for the price you deserve, I am proud to offer an unrivalled 10 point promise providing complete reassurance you have made the right choice.

Here’s how it works:

Rock Solid Promise#1

I promise to provide you with a Seller Service Guarantee so if in the unlikely event you aren’t happy with my service at any time, I will tear up the listing appointment form if any issues you might have aren’t addressed in 24 hours, and you have nothing to pay.

Rock Solid Promise#2

I promise to unleash the power of my proven marketing strategy to sell your home for the price you deserve even if other real estate agents have declined to help you.

Rock Solid Promise#3

I promise you will not pay any hidden fees or charges for additional work not specified in your fixed price contract, unless you specifically request me for additional service.

Rock Solid Promise#4

I promise to explain everything about the contract and process in plain English so you have absolute clarity about what’s involved in selling your home.

Rock Solid Promise#5

I promise to be accommodating with reasonable requests at any stage of the selling cycle.

Rock Solid Promise#6

I promise to be on time and do everything within my control to meet every promised deadline

Rock Solid Promise#7

I promise to treat you professionally and courteously 100% of the time as if you were a member of my own family

Rock Solid Promise#8

I promise to respond promptly to your calls so you never have to waste time following up to get your concerns addressed.

Rock Solid Promise #9

I promise to provide you with regular updates so you are always up-to-date on all the activities leading to the sale.

Rock Solid Promise#10

I promise an energetic and friendly working relationship. I love what I do and have great time meeting my clients’ needs.

I can’t be any fairer than this now can I?

Ask any of my clients and they will agree, I live up to my promises…in fact I’m quite sure no other real estate agent in Hervey Bay will be willing to provide you with such a rewarding, hassle-free experience in selling your home.

I’m always willing to provide you with advice and recommendations so you earn the respect of family members and the envy of friends when they realise how much your home eventually sold for.

As you can see, I take care to provide you with a rewarding experience.  If you want to banish the stress and uncertainty of finding a Hervey Bay real estate agent who can live up to your expectations I would suggest you contact me straightaway.