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Here are the Questions and Answers to the most important questions I’m asked:


1.    Why should I trust you over anybody else?
2.    What kind of property services do you offer?
3.    How do you charge for your services?
4.    How can I ensure I will not be charged unforeseeable extras?
5.    What GUARANTEE do you offer?
6.    How long will you take to sell my home?
7.    How will my home be marketed?
8.    What are your internet capabilities?
9.    How will you sell my property for the highest price?
10.   Where will the buyers for my house come from?
11.   What happens when a buyer looks through my home?
12.   How long will it take to get my property on the market?
13.   I’ve heard that people can get up to 10% more for their properties than the market value. Can you do that?
14.   Can you provide referrals?


1. Why should I trust you over anybody else?

Great question and one you should ask before choosing a real estate agent to sell your property.  There are three main reasons why you should trust me:

•    Local Expertise I’ve been living in Hervey Bay most of my life and have my finger on the pulse on most of what’s happening here. I am well connected with industry leaders and other influential people. I use my circle of influence to find out information which my clients can benefit from. I’ve also bought and sold homes in Hervey Bay. You can say I walk my talk.
I understand the challenges faced in finding a reliable real estate agent in Hervey Bay probably better than most. Over the years I have acquired many  satisfied clients. You can read what some have to say on this website.

•    Control Unlike most other large real estate agents, I am not under pressure to win your business by talking you into a deal. I have full control over every aspect of your selling process. You will never deal with a career minded executive who leaves the job for better prospects after you sign a contract, but a seasoned professional you can rely on to sell additional properties in the future.

•    Flexibility I operate from a completely different mindset compared to other real estate agents. I get the most satisfaction from providing a hassle-free service, so clients actually enjoy and learn the process of selling their house. It’s one of ways I gain the respect of clients; I listen to your needs. Accordingly I will tailor a marketing plan suited to meet the outcome you desire.

2.  What kind of property services do you offer?

I list and sell residential properties in Hervey Bay for my clients. I have made a deliberate choice to focus on just one aspect of real estate. This way I am not distracted trying to be all things to all people and can provide specialised service in an area of real estate I have proven results in.

3.  How do you charge for your services?

I pride myself on being honest and transparent about the investment my clients make when choosing me to help them sell a home. I also guarantee that the little things we do will make a huge difference in your eventual selling price. Our Commission is now negotiable and no longer has a set percentage. We would normally charge between 3% – 3.3% depending on the method of sale, but that is something we are happy to discuss with you at the time of listing.

4. How can I ensure I will not be charged unforeseeable extras?

When you enter into an agreement with me, the contract to sell will clearly indicate all costs, including REIQ Fees and advertising packages. I will also explain everything to you, so you know exactly how much you will pay and for what items. Since everything is in writing, you will be assured there is nothing more to pay.

5.   What GUARANTEE do you offer?

For your complete peace of mind, you will be covered by my 100% Risk Reversal Guarantee. I guarantee if at any stage of the marketing process for your property you are not entirely satisfied with the level of service provided and your concerns cannot be rectified within 24 hours I will be happy for you to cancel the agreement without notice.

6.  How long will you take to sell my home?

While every effort is made to sell your property in the shortest time possible, every situation is different. I will have a better idea of how soon your home will sell when I meet with you for an initial interview followed by an inspection of your home. In saying so, the average selling time for properties  marketed by my team this current year is 47 days

7. How will my home be marketed?

Effective marketing is not unlike fishing- any successful fisherman will tell you to:

1.    Fish where the fish are. (Use the best marketing strategy to gain exposure for your property listing with the right target audience, not    time wasters)
2.    How to Bait up (Present content using the right mix of images, text and video to generate interest among the target market)
3.    Farm out the bait to a trusted extensive database or contacts list
4.    Draw the fish in – use attractive outdoor visual presentation in the form of signage including directional signs
5.    Positioning the net using a combination of:

– Newspaper & Magazine advertising
– Proven Internet marketing and social media marketing
– Open home inspections

8.  What are your Internet capabilities?

I keep up to date with what’s working for the real estate industry and use these internet marketing strategies to help you reach the right target audience for an affordable investment.
Plus, I utilise the very best of the management systems available to deliver exemplary customer service that has earned me the respect of clients in Hervey Bay.

9. How will you sell my property for the highest price?

If you haven’t already, I would first encourage you to download the free eBook, “How to sell your home for more” and refer to pages 65 & 129.
Based on my experience and market knowledge, I set a competitive asking price to generate buyer interest which in most instances results in homes selling for more than the market value.
Having lived most of my life in Hervey Bay, I have an excellent understanding of the emotional hot buttons of property buyers in the area. I use this knowledge in negotiating the best price for your property.

10. Where will the buyers for my house come from?

Over the past 10 years I have acquired a database of trusted investors and referral buyers in the Hervey Bay Real Estate arena. I have been able to generate this list because of my passion in helping other people and my trusted no fuss approach sales techniques.
Apart from this list, advertising in the local media and online marketing strategies will help get interested buyers seek your property out.

11. What happens when a buyer looks through my home?

Ask anyone who has sold their home above market value and they will tell you how important it is to prepare your property for sale. The old adage, “There is no second chance at a first impression” has never been truer as in selling your home. For more on what’s required refer to Page 53 in the book, “How to Sell Your Home for More”
I will guide you through the process of preparing your home for sale, when I help you list your property so you know exactly what to do.

12. How long will it take to get my property on the market?

A lot depends on how soon you can complete the activities on your pre-sale presentation checklist.
Once your property has been prepared for sale in accordance with the requirements of the market, the next stage is photography. We usually allow 3-5 days from the photography until the property in listed on all the avenues available on the internet. These include the major real estate directories and several websites linking throughout the world with a strong social media component.

13. I’ve heard that people get up to 10% more for their properties than the market value. Can you do that?

I am renowned in Hervey Bay and envied by other agents in the way I establish and command a higher price for my client’s property than other agents claim. For details on how this is done refer to page 14 of “How to Sell Your Home for More”

14.  Can you provide referrals?

I am passionate about customer satisfaction and am happy to provide you with referrals so you experience first-hand the value we provide.
While you’re on this website see what some clients have to say about my services.
I hope this list of questions and my answers has helped you out. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, if you’d like to take the stress and uncertainty out of choosing a property expert in Hervey Bay to sell your home…and are open to the possibility of working with me…then, please contact me via phone, mail or email today.

1.   You can CALL ME to discuss your requirements on:
MOB:  0407 571 849

2.   EMAIL your inquiry or your project requirements to: