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About Sid

I have lived most of my life in Hervey Bay and proudly call it my home, I have been married to my wife Kerri for over 35 years and both of us are passionate about real estate.

We consider it to be one of the best places to raise a family. In fact, We love it here so much there’s no other place in the world we would rather live in. As grandparents, Kerri & I will do everything we can to ensure our grandchildren enjoy the benefits of growing up in Hervey Bay.

I began my real estate career as a surveyor, and after 20 years of land surveying , I felt there was a lot more I could contribute to the people of Hervey Bay. The buying and selling real estate field always fascinated me and I launched myself into buying and selling real estate in Hervey Bay.

Kerri and I have bought and sold 15 properties in Hervey Bay. You can say, we now know a thing or two about buying and selling property. This experience has given me a thorough understanding of the spectrum of feelings, emotions and processes involved in a property transaction…and how choosing the right real estate agent can make the difference between success and failure in selling a home for the price you deserve.

I have a strong belief in helping people and I just happen to be in real estate.

I believe in an honest and professional approach when serving clients and this has served me well over the years. With sales now in excess of $15 million annually, I have the figures which corroborate what I am doing is right. This has also resulted in a constant stream of referrals from clients I have served.

Although I am proud my dedication and effort has paid off, no amount of monetary success gives me the satisfaction than the fantastic testimonials from people whose dreams I have helped to realise.

Despite my success, I don’t believe in resting on my laurels and constantly invest in updating my skills. I currently train with one of Australia’s leading Real Estate coaches, so my clients can benefit from current marketing strategies such as using facebook and twitter to reach a wider target audience of prospects who may be interested in their property.

Both Kerri and I have been active members of the Hervey bay community and continue to be enthusiastic ambassadors for the enviable lifestyle that ‘The Bay’ offers, especially boating and fishing, two of my passions outside work.

You now know a lot more about me. What about you? Maybe you’ve lived in your home for years and are looking to sell because the children have left…or you want to upgrade or downgrade your home to fit better with your lifestyle.

Whatever situation you’re in, if you’re looking for a fast and hassle-free solution to helping you meet your goals, I would encourage you to call me for an obligation free discussion. You really have nothing to lose. Whether you choose to use my help or not, at least you’ll gain some valuable information to achieve a result you desire.

If on the other hand you would like my help in selling your property for more, I happy to meet with you.

Here’s what I suggest you do

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